Praise for A Red Boyhood: Growing Up Under Stalin

“What makes Konstantin’s recollections so captivating
is his ability to effectively divide the text between small
details vividly rendered, such as a trip to the movie theater,
and the larger story of a global political and military

-Kirkus Reviews

“Replete with the perils of living under Communism
and in wartime, Konstantin’s lucid memoir contributes to
the body of civilian witness to World War II.”

-Gilbert Taylor

“This is praise for your writing, because once I started,
I couldn’t put it down, and gave it to Laura, who had the
same experience. You evoke a world that will be forever
remembered because, despite the pain and horrors of it,
you recreate it beautifully, sensually, and with affection.
Even now, weeks after reading your book, we recall a bit
or other of wisdom from it, with the story it came in, and it
makes us happy all over again. You wrote a masterwork.
I already lent the book to a friend.”

-Andrei Godrescu
(Novelist, screenwriter, commentator for NPR)


“I finished the book you sent us a few days ago and
wanted to thank you again for having given me the
occasion to learn about your friend’s fate and that of so
many others at the time through his captivating narration.
His description of what he finds in the small towns in the
Ukraine where he lived before the war are overwhelming
and I often think about his stories.”

-Marion Scheinberger
(International Committee of the Red Cross in Geneva,
in charge of the Eastern European Desk)

“On the strength of [a] recommendation I bought
the book and read every word of it. What a fascinating
description of his boyhood! The author has an excellent
talent for description! I could closely empathize with his
life and encounters and the many insecurities and threats
he confronted. . . . I really enjoyed the book and want to
thank you for the ‘heads up.’ ”

-David E. Farnham
(Retired U.S. Army Col., one of the top people in the
Department of Defense, Intelligence Department)


Praise for Through the Eyes of an Immigrant

"His discussions of communism's unraveling and of its intellectual attraction to Westerners, provide a stirring testimony of real, though sometimes ignored, global atrocities. It establishes Konstantin as an extraordinary moral witness who faithfully recorded depredations that man visited upon his fellow man in the name of ideology.

An often gripping account of a tempestuous half-century."

-Kirkus Reviews